Procurement Solutions

In the current global economic scenario, sourcing and procurement processes have assumed strategic operational significance for gloval organisations. An overhaul of sourcing and procurement systems has the potential to entirely transform supply chains—consequently, sourcing strategy transformation and strategic procurement processes have become crucial factors in designing business strategies across several corporate segments, such as cost reduction, green initiatives, and risk mitigation. Leveraged correctly, intelligent supply chains, driven by the best-in-class sourcing strategy, proves to be a major industry differentiator. Advanced sourcing tools such as e-Sourcing streamlines procurement processes and the larger supply chain by unifying multiple vendors and partners on one platform. By deploying strategic digital tools like e-Sourcing, firms can optimize their procurement management practices.

At Axiom Technologies, our sourcing solutions and procurement solutions are geared for tangible outcomes for global CPG enterprises—facilitating cost reduction up to 50 percent as well as significant cycle time reductions by reimagining their sourcing and procurement processes. Our “Advisory & Execution” framework for supply chain transformation enables business process overhaul, and significant savings in warehousing and costs related to the procurement process. Axiom’s sourcing solutions are augmented by a global team of domain experts, a blended-shore delivery model, and structured frameworks.

Our sourcing and procurement solutions generate transformational value for our partners with benchmarking services, production and supplier cost engineering, RFX management, solutions for contracting, negotiation and supplier relationships, and improving strategic procurement processes with e-Sourcing and Procure-to-Pay models. With Axiom’s sourcing and procurement solutions, CPG firms can gain from a benchmarking-based approach to procurement management that ensures adherence to inter and intra-industry standards, and enhanced flexibility and responsiveness for supply chains. With our sourcing solutions and procurement solutions which include e-Sourcing, we have helped customers reduce direct spend by 5-15 percent, and indirect spend by 1-5 percent.

Supply Chain Solutions

Mitigating the challenges of procurement and supply risk. Smarter supply chains. Built for today and ready for tomorrow. At Axiom Technologies, we believe in the power of synergy. Our SCM solutions help our clients achieve greater collaboration among stakeholders. Act with confidence to mitigate disruptions and build resilience SCS.

We redefine the supply chain pathway, and boost service levels across diverse verticals – planning and forecasting, strategic sourcing and procurement, and fulfillment and after-sales services.We action change pivoted around a productive automation roadmap, containing errors.

Additionally, our key tech enablers track and streamline the supplier negotiation process. We also implement an intelligent framework that help enterprises to effectively collaborate with various stakeholders. And it’s just as essential to streamline supply chain negotiations on the path to regulatory compliance.

Order Management

Deliver the perfect order with a complete omnichannel order fulfillment platform. Empower your business to maximize results by managing business rules that are right for your customers and your business. With real-time inventory management, you can appropriate stock for demand and manage inventory turns.

Our services include:

  • Order entry, order review, tracking

  • Status enquiries, quality review and escalation management
  • Invoice generation and reporting
  • End to end support on returns management
  • Customer claims management
  • Customer data and Inquiry management
  • Sales support, reporting and analytics
Warehousing and Distribution

We understand your need for visibility and transparency across all interactive touch points of your business. We can help you create responsive supply chains for consumer-centric and demand-driven businesses. Distribution centers and warehouses are vital partners to many segments and sectors of the economy.

We offer a bouquet of transparent solutions and frameworks, value propositions and differentiated offerings for warehousing services which can help customers achieve strategic transformation and market differentiation.

Logistics Management

The impact of COVID-19 on the transportation and logistics industry has been tremendous, forcing businesses to face a series of significant challenges. In order to minimize disruption and thrive in the new normal, organizations are developing new strategies to address changing consumer behaviour and adopt new ways of working.

Axiom Technologies meet customer demands through the planning, control and implementation of the effective movement and storage of related information, goods and services from origin to destination.

We help you to focus on your projects that move your business forward.